Spring Activities

  1. Walking. When the weather turns warm and you start to see those first hints of spring, take a fun walk to enjoy the beautiful spring morning or evening! Walking is great for your health; a nice long morning walk is a healthy, fun way to start a spring day and to enjoy the weather before going to work! Walking gears up your metabolism and increases your energy for the rest of your day. You may even find that you want to start running with a group to shed some of that winter weight or even move on to a more difficult sport. However, if you are just beginning to exercise this spring after a long winter of inactivity, start by walking — you will love it!
  2. Spring Cleaning! You may be thinking, “I thought these were fun tips!” Still, what better feeling is there than walking into a clean, uncluttered home? Throwing out old junk, holding a spring yard sale or donating to charity are all great ways to both exercise and begin organizing your home. Once you have de-cluttered, start deep-cleaning throughout the house to achieve a little more healthy exercise with an end result that is fabulous. You can even take your healthy spring cleaning to the next level by making both your home and your habits eco-friendly!
  3. Cycling. Dust off your bike this spring, and take a fun spin through your neighborhood or local park. The healthy ride will relax your mind and strengthen your body. Spring bike riding can inspire quite a sentimental feeling; you may not even realize you are exercising in the process! Cycling in a group can also be fun. Biking is a great, healthy way to challenge yourself to push beyond your personal exercise limits.
  4. Crafting. Though creating a craft or art project will not necessarily work you into shape, a creative, crafty spring project is a fun way to work out a positive mindset and to generate an overall feeling of healthy wellness. Building a birdhouse, painting a picture for your guestroom and setting out a porch swing are all fun, do-it-yourself projects that will simply beautify your healthy life! Fun, creative projects like these connect relaxing spring activities to a sense of productivity, rewarding you with the feeling of accomplishment and improving your mental health.
  5. Gardening. Last but not least, spring gardening connects exercise, fun, productivity and healthy living all together — especially if you work in a vegetable garden! Planting a garden requires simply a sunny spot in your backyard, a few seeds or seedlings and some good, old-fashioned gumption! You can find a myriad of internet sites that will help you begin a healthy, beautiful garden. You can also gain fun, helpful advice from your local nursery or home improvement store. Spring gardening allows you to exercise as you produce something beautiful and to grow healthy produce while having a great time!