Smoothing Off The Rough Edges

The same can be said for nicotine replacement, especially if you had the vivid nightmares and headaches and little else.

So it brings us back to quitting smoothly which means with as little stress as possible and as quickly as possible.

Hypnosis is the best possible way forward. Here are a few steps which are all easy and stress free.

  1. Watch a couple of videos online to properly inform you about smoking and quitting.
  2. Complete a simple questionnaire to identify all your triggers and smoking behaviours.
  3. Have a friendly chat about your questionnaire and the videos when you come in for your session.
  4. Sit back and relax and enjoy your hypnosis session. Many people report it is the most relaxed they have ever been.
  5. Follow through on any homework you are given. The benefits of this homework is that it flows over into every area of your life helping you to feel less stressed and more relaxed, which of course makes everything go more smoothly.

With hypnosis your transition from smoker to non-smoker requires only your desire to quit and your commitment to yourself. The rest of the process works perfectly when you just allow it to happen and of course expect a positive outcome.

The hypnotic experience differs from person to person, there is no universal feeling. Some feel a very deep almost detached feeling but for most it is lighter with periods of drifting away with the words.

Your practitioner will combine the information from your questionnaire with any other details you give them and weave this into the relaxing hypnotic process which is designed to speak to your unconscious in a way that the new thoughts are immediately up taken. All in all, a very smooth process.