Reasons To Choose A Medical Career

  1. Helping People. Humans possess an innate desire to help others and some of us experience this stronger than others. The top reason why people wanted to work in the medical field was because they wanted to help others. Health care is vital and helping someone to regain their health provides a major sense of achievement and fulfilment.

  2. High Salary. Money and salary also ranked high in the list of reasons. As most will already know, the medical field is one of the highest paid industries in the world and doctors can expect to be paid as much as $150,000 annually depending on level of experience, title and area of expertise. For example, according to the latest statistics, anesthesiologist assistants can attain a starting salary of $95,000 to $120,000 and dentists earn over $100,000.
  3. Respected Among Peers. When you tell someone you are a librarian you might not get many people asking you what your job involves. However, when you tell someone you are a surgeon or an ophthalmologist, you can be sure that you will draw many questions and expressions of intrigue. Many students in our survey said that one of the reasons they wanted to be a doctor because they felt it would make their parents proud and that it was a respectable career.
  4. Meeting New People. In general, people working in the medical field are required to have a warm personality and be especially empathetic. Another trait that most seem to share is the desire and joy in meeting new people. The medical field provides a great opportunity to meet people from all walks of life whether they are colleagues working in the same hospital, other hospitals or patients.
  5. Job Demand. Although the standard of health is increasing the unfortunate truth is that people still get sick, sustain injuries and suffer from a variety of different health conditions. With increasing population due to higher life expectancy, it is obvious that healthcare workers whether they are doctors, surgeons or nurses, will be in short supply and there will a major demand for them for as long as imaginable.

Although there are many reasons to choose a career in the medical field, there are equally some factors which could dissuade people. For example, some may find the cost of getting through medical school too high as it is often upwards of $50k per year. Furthermore, the intensity of the level of study involved may be off-putting to those that are less academically inclined as medical students are not only required to pass exams, most will also need to pass individual certifications according to their specific profession. Although working with patients may be rewarding, one should not forget that it can also be very demanding and mistakes are can be fatal. People who do not cope well under pressure may find medical careers too stressful.