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We have been in a “hurry-up” mode for so long that it is difficult for many people to figure out how to slow down. One great way to begin is to look at how you spend your days. Honestly look at how you spend each minute of every day. Often we have developed habits that no longer have any purpose. Look at your activities and ask yourself, does this activity benefit me anymore? Does this benefit anyone else? If you are honest with yourself, you will discover many of these things are unnecessary or could be done by someone else. Eliminating just a few of these unnecessary activities can create extra space in your day. The purpose of this is not to immediately fill those moments with more work. The purpose is to create space to take care of your health. Once you have eliminated time wasters, you can use the following actions to create a life of good health and joy.

  1. One of the keys to good health is getting enough sleep. It is possible to make this a priority. Turn off the television set. Leave the work. It can wait. Not getting enough sleep can

Evidence Based Complementary Medicine

As the famous proverb suggests, “Prevention is better than cure” and evidence-based complementary and alternative medicine helps you achieve this goal. So, here are a few benefits that you might get if you follow an integrative healthcare protocol:

  • It helps you in receiving specific treatment plans as per your physical requirements. As each individual has a unique body, it is not advisable to subscribe to a generalized treatment protocol. An effective biotyping assessment studies your inherited traits such as body frame, personality type, digestive capacity, metabolic activity, nutrigenomics, as well as environmental factors. In this way, it provides you with a personalized holistic Integrative healthcare medicine advice.
  • It aims at examining and treating all the aspects of physical as well as emotional components. It is proven that daily stress negatively affects your emotions, biology and genetics. All this further results in greater risks of several chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease!
  • It offers a wide range of Natural Cure and Remedies so that you are not completely dependent on pharmaceuticals, many of which have side-effects. The food that you eat is one of the biggest reasons behind your healthy (or unhealthy) life! Following unhealthy food habits can

Ginger Health Benefits

Anti-inflammatory activity

Inflammation is a complex immune process, involving various mediators such as interleukin-1, tumour necrosis factor and anti-inflammatory cytokines. Ginger oil significantly represses inflammation, especially joint swelling. Also, ginger extracts suppress the synthesis of pro-inflammatory cytokines and play a significant role in the inhibition of cyclooxygenase and 5-lipoxygenase, essential for arachidonate metabolism, and down-regulating the induction of inflammatory genes.

Anti-tumour activity

Ginger extracts suppress tumour development through up-regulation of tumour suppressor gene, induction of apoptosis and inactivation of vascular endothelial growth factor pathways. The development and progression of tumours involve multiple steps including genetic and metabolic changes. 6-gingerol suppresses the transformation, hyperproliferation, and inflammatory processes that involve in various phases of carcinogenesis, angiogenesis, and metastasis. Besides, ginger constituents induce apoptosis in prostate cancer cell line LnCaP by increasing the expression of tumour suppressor p53 and Bax and also decreasing the expression of Bcl-2. 6-shogaol is effective against breast cancer through the inhibition of cell invasion and reduction of matrix metalloproteinase-9 expression. On the other hand, 6-gingerol stimulates apoptosis through up-regulation of NAG-1 and G1 cell cycle arrest through down-regulation of cyclin D1.

Ginger root extracts and gingerol inhibit the growth of Helicobacter pylori

Foods On Vegan Diet

Foods For Breakfast

  • Tofu – this is a great egg replacement used in any combination of an egg breakfast. Burritos or egg sandwiches.
  • Oatmeal – A good organic oatmeal is something everyone should at least eat 2 or 3 times a week. Especially for the great benefits that oatmeal provides for your heart. Also you can add any type of fruit to add to the flavor if you have a problem with the taste.
  • Smoothies – Again this can be any combination of fruits and vegetables.
  • Organic cereal, granola – These are items you can add fruit to as well, if you want that extra boost.

I love these for lunch

  • Chickpeas – These can be used in many ways. My personal is my homemade humus. I make a large batch at once and keep it in a container in the refrigerator. I will actually take about a 3/4 cup size to work. It gives me energy and curbs my hunger.
  • Tempeh – I have sliced these up and fried them the night before. Then warmed them up and placed in between to slices of organic bread.
  • Organic brown rice – This is one of my favorites, I will make

About Safe Holiday Swimming Advice

Know your limitations

Swimming in warm seas can be more draining than in more temperate waters.

If you normally spend your life in an office or other relatively sedentary occupation, then launching into Olympic-level swimming objectives could mean you quickly get into difficulties with cramp or exhaustion.

There’s no recommendation here other than “don’t do it” and to stay conservative in terms of what you’re trying to achieve in terms of distance, speed or sea conditions. In particular, remember that a pool is not the open sea, so your performance in the former might not be a perfect guide to your capabilities in the ocean.


Most experts agree that the media tends to massively exaggerate the risks from shark attacks which are, even in tropical waters, comparatively rare.

Even so, that’s no consolation to someone who has suffered such an attack. Many species of shark are predators and like it or not, we share our seas with them.

However, the risks can be reduced by following local safety advice and guidance. Seasons can make a huge difference, as do specific locations. Some beaches have effective protection and supervision in place

Zero Calorie Sweeteners

We already know that sugar has detrimental effects on our blood sugar, insulin and waistline. It is common knowledge nowadays that sweets consumption should be lowered and kept to a minimum. In came, subsequently, those nifty no-calorie sweeteners that promised a similar flavor without all the unhealthy side effects. While initially regarded as safe and approved by the FDA, for some time now research has hinted they are not as benign as touted Now we have even more evidence that they are doing more harm than good.

In this new study, researchers took several groups of rats and either fed them diets high in glucose, fructose, or artificial sweeteners (aspartame or acesulfame potassium). Acesulfame is sold in stores at Sunnett or Sweet One, and aspartame is sold as Equal or NutraSweet. Both are currently approved artificial sweeteners by the FDA.

Within three weeks the researchers found discernable differences between the groups per blood samples collected. They noted that the artificial sweeteners appeared to change the way their bodies processed fat and energy overall. They also noticed that the acesulfame potassium accumulated in the blood and had a negative impact on the cells lining the blood vessels.

Reasons To Choose A Medical Career

  1. Helping People. Humans possess an innate desire to help others and some of us experience this stronger than others. The top reason why people wanted to work in the medical field was because they wanted to help others. Health care is vital and helping someone to regain their health provides a major sense of achievement and fulfilment.

  2. High Salary. Money and salary also ranked high in the list of reasons. As most will already know, the medical field is one of the highest paid industries in the world and doctors can expect to be paid as much as $150,000 annually depending on level of experience, title and area of expertise. For example, according to the latest statistics, anesthesiologist assistants can attain a starting salary of $95,000 to $120,000 and dentists earn over $100,000.
  3. Respected Among Peers. When you tell someone you are a librarian you might not get many people asking you what your job involves. However, when you tell someone you are a surgeon or an ophthalmologist, you can be sure that you will draw many questions

Long Term Opioid Risks

Addiction and abuse are by no means the only risks associated with opioids. Aside from short-term issues such as impaired concentration and constipation, there are long-term risks that must be considered, particularly among patients whose pain is chronic and whose intake of the drugs would likely be long-term.

One small study recently aimed to identify the prevalence of sleep disordered breathing and signs of chronic respiratory failure among long-term opioid users. Opioids are known to have a depressive effect on the respiratory process. Forty-six percent of the patients in the study were found to have severe sleep disordered breathing, as measured by a sleep apnea index. The participants had a high frequency of a form of sleep apnea called central apnea. This type of sleep disorder occurs when the brain doesn’t send signals to the respiratory system to breathe continuously. Rather, breathing starts and stops abruptly over and over again throughout the night.

Another disturbing finding of the study was that nine out of 20 participants were found to have hypercapnia. This condition is characterized by an abnormally high amount of carbon dioxide in the blood. Carbon dioxide is a waste product of breathing. When the

Heart Healthy Weekend Adventures

The Historical Combat Re-Enactments

The most extreme form of heart-healthy weekend excursion is only for the truly dedicated and hard core athletes. These include the mock combat games held by the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) and various Civil War re-enactment events, which are typically held on weekends, although some SCA battles such as the Pennsic Wars can last for two weeks. These mock battles are not for casual participants as they require a great deal of training, preparation and discipline, however there are few things that are more wicked awesome when it comes to entertainment, not to mention the potential for weight loss and muscle toning.

Skiing and Snowboarding

A weekend trip to the snow awaits heart-conscious vacationers during the winter season. Snow sports activities can be tailored to match any level of fitness, from the bunny slopes for beginners to the steep and sometimes narrow expert slopes for the advanced sports enthusiasts. Skiing strengthens the heart muscles, making it an ideal heart healthy excursion.

Water Sports

Canoeing and white water rafting are two highly intense weekend adventures that can have major heart health benefits. While these types of weekend adventures are

Stay Active With Kids

Fun Runs for Charity

What’s better than spending the day being active and helping a great cause? Get the entire family moving and sign up for a charity run. The preparation is half the fun and the end goal is a great way to keep everyone motivated. Many charity events offer online training plans or go online to find a simple 5K or 1-mile training plan for kids.

Family Park Day

Parks are about much more than picnics. You can hike, canoe, fish, play volleyball, toss the Frisbee, walk the dogs or even go to the local pool for a swim. The important thing is to get outside and get moving. Find special places to be active and your family will want to go all the time.

Use Any Excuse to be Active

Take the time every day to do little things to be active. Take the stairs, walk the dog or even park the car a little farther away from the grocery store. It’s easy to get into a rut but the path to good health is to get your family moving every day.

Limit the TV Time

Television (and

Life of Mammogram Inventor Stafford L Warren

Born in New Mexico in 1896, Stafford L. Warren attended the University of California, Berkeley, and graduated with his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1918. Heading to the University of California, San Francisco, he graduated with his Doctor of Medicine degree in 1922 and later did post-doctoral work at John Hopkins School of Medicine and Harvard University.

Warren became an Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Rochester School of Medicine in 1926. Since the Department of Radiology was brand new at the time, Warren was one of the original group of medical professionals that Dean George Whipple chose to staff the school. By 1930, Warren was an Associate Professor of Medicine. He began to study the work of Albert Salomon, a sociologist from the University of Berlin who produced over 3,000 images of mastectomy specimens and extensively studied the many forms and stages of cancer in the breast. Since Salomon wasn’t keen to recognize the life saving aspects of his discoveries, Warren expanded on his research, using radiology to track changes in breast tissue and developing a stereoscopic technique in which the patient would lie on her side with one arm raised while being X-Rayed.

Fun Healthy Activities For Children

Craft projects help children develop their motor skills, creative nature and problem solving abilities. Making colored paper daisy chains and clay objects are a couple of examples of good activities for younger children. Older kids enjoy weaving and beading kits.

Science can be an excellent and favorite activity for children. Kids are very curious about nature. They love to dig around in the dirt and get to know the bugs, birds and plants. Get an ant farm. Go to the hobby shop and buy an inexpensive microscope and a prism. Kids love checking things out with a microscope – it’s a whole new look at the world they want to understand. Prisms are fascinating to kids.

Although it’s true most kids spend too much time in front of the TV, judicious use of the tube can work for you. The Discovery Channel and Animal Planet provide programs that enrich a child’s knowledge in terms even young children can understand. Kids who see these programs when quite young often continue to catch these programs on their own, well into their teens. So don’t discount TV altogether. This strategy allows the kids to feel they aren’t deprived of

Pilates Safe During Pregnancy

Pelvic Floor

Having a strong pelvic floor helps support your bowels, bladder and uterus (and the growing baby in it). This helps reduce urine leakage many women experience when pregnant, especially in the last trimester.


By strengthening your upper and lower back muscles through Pilates, you can reduce back pain. With a growing amount of weight positioned in front, this can put an enormous amount of strain on the lower back.


Because pregnancy makes your tissues and ligaments more pliable, it is easier to suffer an injury. Strong stomach muscles helps contain and restrict the baby from shifting around as much when you move. It is this shifting of weight that can throw you off balance and end up with an injury (or worse yet, injuring your baby).

Strengthen these muscles, and not only will you have a good stable core to support your growing baby, but also improved posture, balance and strength for yourself.

A couple of added benefits of doing Pilates while pregnant are:

  • it also helps you relax and control your breathing which will help you with labor.
  • because you are on your hands and knees

Medical Career in the Armed Forces

Selection or Recruitment

An aspiring candidate can join the armed forces while studying in the medical college. Interested candidates can apply for Medical Cadetship. For instance, to join the Royal Army Medical Corps they have to contact the RAMC Officer. Most doctors join the various Forces through this process of cadetship. Each of the forces sponsor the study in return for six years of service, after the foundation training. Some doctors join at a later date in their training or after being fully qualified. There are shortages of trained doctors, such as GP, in a few hospital specialities.

The British Army awards up to 30 medical cadetship every year. They are even sponsored through part of their medical degree. In fact there are provisions for financial aid to support the studying of a medical degree. On completion, further studies can be possible, right up to the candidate’s 46th birthday, on condition that he or she passes the selection tests, and joins.

The Royal Air Force awards up to 25 medical cadetships in a year. The doctor cadets after their foundation programme do the 13 week specialist entrant and re-entrant course. Further military medical training is

Quit Smoking to Avoid Cancer

It was never a nice smell and when some teenage friends tempted me to try a cigarette they made me feel ‘left out’ if I didn’t go along with it. That is how peer pressure works. Before long I was hooked and buying cigarettes to smuggle past my parents while looking for excuses to go out so I could partake of the habit.

The addiction lasted until in my early 30’s when my son questioned why I smoked and said it smelt awful. He was only 4 years of age and this coming from a small child made me quit. But it wasn’t only that. An article in a monthly magazine pointed out that if one quits smoking and doesn’t develop cancer over the next 30 years or so then the chances are you won’t get it. The 30 years flew by while other things came into the picture in the meantime.

There is much about life that we don’t understand and addictions to things like smoking is one of them. Cancer and why we suffer is another. For me there was a different agenda waiting to be served.

With memory of my reincarnation and

Golf is a Healthy Activity

As any athlete can tell you, if you go out and play a hard game of anything without proper training beforehand, you are much more likely to get hurt. Smart golfers often start training before their golf season begins. They use a series of golf conditioning exercises that focuses on strengthening the muscles used in the pursuit of playing golf: the center or core of the body, arms, shoulders and legs. They also perform exercises that are used to improve the player’s coordination, balance and flexibility, all of which are crucial components for any golf player’s game.

It is important to remember that for golf conditioning to be most useful, you should start the exercise routine a month or two before you plan to start your golf season. Many people find that they are stronger on one side of their body, and a bit weaker on the other. These imbalances can affect your game, but they also can be corrected with proper golf conditioning exercises. Stretches are also included to help improve your range of motion. Think about the contortions your body goes through when you reach all the way down to place a ball on a

Healthy Habits for All of the Chakras

  • Be present with each moment. This helps your subtle energies to flow evenly rather than get bogged down in the lower chakras or caught up in the head.
  • Spend time in nature. This especially helps to balance the Root Chakra and Crown Chakra.
  • Get adequate sleep. Poor sleep will cause your energy to run sluggishly and it is more likely to manifest as illness.
  • Engage in exercise that increases heart rate and breathing. This burns off excess energy that may be present in any of the chakras and really gets those subtle energies moving!
  • Breathe deeply. Especially good for the Heart Chakra, but also helps the energy to circulate.
  • Give yourself a massage. Try starting at the head and moving down the body if you are often consumed by your thoughts.
  • Tone the chakras with your voice. Vocal toning is good for both overloaded or diminished chakras. It will shake off the excess energy of the overloaded and strengthen the diminished.
  • Surround yourself with a rainbow of colors. If you are looking at the same few colors most of the time, bring some more in. An easy way to do this is experiencing all types of flowers, either in a garden or a

Healthy Bones Need Vitamin D

Many of us associate a good dose of sunshine with the best way to replenish supplies of vitamin D. When our skin is exposed to sun, we absorb ultraviolet B rays that the body uses to convert cholesterol into vitamin D. All you need is about ten minutes of direct, midday sun exposure when the sun is high to get a good healthy dose of vitamin D. Excessive cloudiness, long cold wintry days and concerns about excessive skin exposure to ultraviolet rays means we need to make sure we find adequate supplies of vitamin D in our diet. In addition, vitamin D is fat-soluble so it is important to make sure your diet includes essential fatty acids like Omega-3, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil and butter.

The best natural food sources for vitamin D are the fatty fishes including, salmon, shrimp, tuna, sardines and swordfish. The next good sources are dairy products including milk, cheese, yoghurt and eggs. Some fortified products, specifically juices and breakfast cereals, are boosted with vitamin D. The benefit of this may be more than offset by the amount of sugar or wheat gluten included in those products. Please read the label

Good and Bad Side of Juicing

If we have a family history of diabetes, juicing may not be a good option. Juicing only fruits produces a beverage high in calories as there is more sugar in it, mainly fructose. Our blood sugar will also increase if we drink fruit extracted juices.

When we combine fruits and vegetables, we lessen the sugar concentration, but it is not just about the sugar. It is also about the balance of the other minerals in the juice. If we choose the wrong fruits or veggies, there is a tendency our bodies would react to a certain excess of a mineral. Minerals mostly found in fruits include potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, and zinc. Potassium and calcium contribute to heart health.

Someone with a heart problem should consult a physician before he can take a juice-only diet. Although this diet may be rich in iron and calcium, it can’t supply the nutritional quantity the body needs, especially the needs of the blood, muscles, and bones. Apart from carbohydrates, we need the other two macronutrients as well: protein and fats.

There is another type of carbohydrate, but it is indigestible. Fiber maintains normal blood sugar and helps reduce

Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

Eating Habits

The foods we eat have a significant impact on our physical and mental health. Fast food and junk food not only increase our risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other life-threatening illnesses, but they lack the basic vitamins and nutrients our minds and bodies need. Ideally, you want to avoid food that is high in fat, especially trans- and saturated-fats as these foods have a detrimental effect on cholesterol levels and overall heart health. Similarly, foods such as soft drinks, candy, and juice that are high in sugar should also be limited in our diet. Instead, try to eat a balance of low-fat proteins, fruits, vegetables, and grains. At the supermarket, buy whole foods rather than processed foods, and choose fresh foods rather than pre-packaged or canned foods whenever possible.

Some simple tips for improving your eating habits include

  • Adding fruit to your diet in cereals, salads, or as a snack.
  • Eating more vegetables with meals.
  • Choosing low-fat options for salad dressing.
  • Keeping a food diary so you can more accurately assess what you eat.

Stay Active

An active life is generally a healthy life. We all know how important regular physical activity