Medical Careers Pay

The best medical careers pay a handsome amount of money for a good reason. Health care professionals really do work hard to earn their keep. The best medical careers pay depending on the level and depth of the tasks performed by each health care professional. There are only a few jobs outside of the healthcare field that pay more than what the best medical careers pay.

Here are some of the best and highest-paying medical careers today:

  • Surgeons and Physicians. These are doctors that diagnose, treat and counsel patients on the interventions and procedures that need to be done in order for them to get well or optimize their health. As of May 2009, the annual salary of a surgeon reaches up to $219,770. A physician’s salary depends on his field of specialization, the highest one being the anesthesiologist salary which reaches up to $211,750 annually as of 2009. Becoming a surgeon or a physician is no easy task however, as these professions require years of extensive training and continuous studies.
  • Nurses. Registered nurses aid physicians and surgeons for the better performance of their duties. Nurses are required to be flexible and have knowledge of various medical procedures to be able to do their jobs well. Nurses compose the largest number of healthcare professionals in a hospital and can earn up to $66,530 in a year. Nurses, like surgeons and physicians, are required to continue studying in order to have better chances at advancing in their career placement.
  • Heath Care Administrators. Even hospitals have management and administrative tasks that need to be fulfilled, and that’s exactly what health care administrators do. They take charge of planning, directing, coordinating as well as supervising activities for a more efficient delivery of quality health care services. Their annual wage may reach up to $90,970.
  • Clinical Psychologists. These are professionals that take care of a patient’s mental health and behavioral management. This is the broadest specialization among psychologists and, thus, performs more in-depth and extensive procedures in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of various mental disorders. They earn up to $72,310 per year.