Medical Career Started With A Health Care Internship

There are two types of health care internships-hospital internships and office internships. You should choose which one you’d like based on what kind of health care professional you’d like to be. Hospital internships are usually more stressful, with longer hours. This pretty closely mimics a job in a hospital. These are usually the easier internships to get, however, and once you secure a hospital job, you’ll be making more than you would in a doctor’s office. Of course, if you choose a clinical or doctor’s office internship, you’ll have less stress and better hours.

One of the ways to get a health care internship is to apply for one right out of school. Whether you are finishing up medical school or a nursing program, or you’re close to completing your bachelor’s degree in bio-medical science, the opportunities to apply for internships will be most plentiful at this time. This is because hospitals and clinics check out schools for new interns. If you have good grades, you should be able to get your desired intern position fairly easily.

Sometimes people are looking for health care internships long after they’ve graduated. Perhaps you had to take time for other things right after medical or nursing school and were not able to apply for an internship right away. Or maybe you’ve taken a break from the workforce to have a baby or to travel, and you now have to complete a new internship in order to get up to speed and become hirable again. If this is the case, you do have options. Visit your local hospitals and clinics to apply. If you have a record of good grades, or if you have already worked in the medical field, it should be easy to get an internship.