Losing Weight Without Effort

We make the decision what we feed our body and we make the decision about what we feed our brain. If we can program our brain to eat responsibly, eat healthy foods, drink lots of water and increase our activity level, we will become healthy and active individuals. We will loose weight without making a conscious effort.

No more yo-yo diets, no expensive pill popping, no more paying a fortune for purchased meal plans, just plain common sense healthy eating. Reprogram your brain, and do it without effort, without thinking, subconsciously. Be in total control of what messages you want your brain to receive. Override the mixed messages you receive from the outside world.

I’ll tell you how I did it and how it is changing my life.
I work on the computer 5 hours per day. I have a computer program that sends me a short message on the screen every 5 seconds, just a flash, I don’t even notice it. But my brain does. About 3500 times each day my brain gets told that I am a healthy person, that I love walking, that I love healthy foods, that I look after my body.

Within two days I noticed improvements, within a week I had increased my activity level to three times my normal level. My cravings for “something” to eat in between meals have completely disappeared. When someone asks me if I want some chips or chocolates, I say no without even thinking.

I have become a different person, instead of an overweight person with almost no activity; I am now a much healthier person. For 50 years I have been struggling with weight issues, now I am no longer struggling. My mind has changed and gives me different messages. My mind thinks of me as a healthy, active person and it is telling my body to act like a healthy active person.