Healthy Pleasures of Prostate Milking

The activity of prostate milking is not just pleasurable, but extremely healthy too. It is something which can be enjoyed as part of any lover’s intimate life, and something that can be learned quite easily, although there is a little skill to it. It involves stimulating the prostate with either the finger, or a specially designed massage tool with the intention of giving both relaxation and pleasure to those involved.

The prostate gland is like the female G-spot for the man, and an important part of the sexual system which can be found just below the bladder where it is sheathed within the musculature (an arrangement of muscles in an organ) of the pelvic floor. These are the same muscles which contract while experiencing both an orgasm or ejaculation.

The prostate gland consists of tiny ducts called acini which can be found within the gland itself, and which produce the prostatic fluid that mixes with both the sperm and the seminal vesicle fluid (fluid that stops the sperm sticking together). The mixture produces the male ejaculate which is so important for the function of sexual pleasure for the part of the man.

With regular ejaculations, the prostate is kept healthy by stimulating the production of fresh prostatic juices which also brings fresh blood to the area. Within the blood comes both nutrients and oxygen which help keep the prostate in tip-top condition, and help prevent both prostate disorders and prostate cancer. The activity of prostate milking can be done by either/or both men and women alike, and where an erection is not necessary.

Instructions for Prostate Milking

  1. Empty the bowl completely before proceeding and get into a relaxed position.
  2. Place a tight-fitting latex glove on one hand and lubricate either the middle or forefinger before gently inserting it into the rectal area (the anus). Once inserted (about 3 cm), bend the tip of the finger into a hook shape. The prostate can be recognized as being a small bulge about the size of a walnut, and is located by feeling both inwards and upwards towards the navel.
  3. The prostate gland consists of three sensitive areas: the left, the center, and the right, with the center being the most sensitive and where over-stimulating should be avoided. The moment the prostate gland is located, new sensations will be experienced as the finger is gently rubbed back and forth along its sides.
  4. During the stimulation, an ejaculation will be caused together with an intense orgasm similar to that experienced while having normal intercourse, only the intensity experienced is usually a lot stronger in the majority of cases. While it is not necessary to use the finger, as specially designed massage tools are available; the milker does have more sensitivity control when it is used.