Going Off to Camp

America has a problem with as many as one in five kids being overweight. Children need to eat balanced, nutritional meals and healthy snacks, and stay active. In a world as fast paced as ours it is difficult to be there for your kids when you hold down a full time job but the effort needs to be made. A healthy lifestyle for kids is very important and involves making the time needed to prepare healthy meals for your children. If left to their own devices we all know well what a child’s menu would consist of and any child who controls his or her own diet by zapping favorite foods in the microwave is in for trouble.

While it is the parents’ responsibility to ensure a healthy lifestyle for kids, research has shown that there are several external factors that are also responsible for our overweight children. Fast food is the number one culprit with their high calorie content and portion size. More children are being driven to school instead of good old fashioned ‘walking the two blocks to school’ concept. Of course this can also be attributed to child safety concerns. With the advent of the television, video game console and the computer it has become increasingly difficult to pry a child away and get them outdoors to play. Ask your child to stop playing his video game and come outside for a game of one-on-one basketball; the look you will get as good as asks whether you are from outer space!

Camps are an excellent solution for tackling this problem; they are geared to provide nutritious food and a whole lot of interesting activities that keep kids active and on their toes. It is hoped that the right eating habits and healthy lifestyle for kids taught at camp will translate to the home environment as well. Some of the benefits of sending your child to camp regularly can be summed up as:

  • Camps are designed to reinforce positive development of children.
  • At camp the child learns about foods that are good for them; these choices are presented in a fun environment in the company of other children, making it an overall happier experience to eat the things that are good for you but you may not like.
  • Camps have adult staffs who serve as mentors to support healthy behavior in terms of eating and activities.
  • There is a range of healthy outdoor activities even for the most die hard television fan and it is always fun to get involved in activities with other children.
  • At camp children experience learning made fun through group activities that stimulate and educate; best of all there is a firm emphasis on the value of good nutrition.