Family Fitness

When deciding on fitness activities allow your mind to consider all kinds of activities. Don’t just line up every day for calisthenics or something dull like that. Change things up, make it interesting. In doing this, your family will respond positively to the exercise program.

Here are some family fitness ideas to try out:

  1. Bike-riding. Don’t let your bicycles just take up space in the garage. If you have them, get them out, clean them up and schedule a family bike ride a couple of times a week. Tryout different times for the ride until you find a schedule that works for everyone.
  2. Swimming, most children love to swim and to play in the pool. Teach all of your kids to swim and get them out to the pool a couple of times a week. Have races and other pool activities to keep it interesting. Swimming is one of the best exercises because it incorporates the whole body. It also allows your family to just hang out together.
  3. Walk-Run, a family walk is a nice leisure activity but to charge it up a bit you might mix in running. Children love to run and if you start them young you might find that it is a healthy activity that will carry over to their adult life. They might even want to race you.
  4. Mini-biathlon, if you are doing the swimming, running, and biking then why not mix them together into a family competition? You can work out a training schedule for each family member and create something that everyone will enjoy and want to compete in. Involve everyone in this activity and make it a special time.
  5. Calisthenics or Yoga, these are nice indoor activities for rainy days. If done correctly these can be fun activities and you can challenge each other to higher performance.
  6. Dance, Zumba, Tae-bo and other group fitness systems. These are fun workouts that can be extremely effective. Normally these programs are available on DVD so are designed with a built in leader. There will be no question of the activity to pursue as the program is right there on disk.