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  • Smoke less every day. If you smoke 20 cigarettes a day, you reduce your smoking habit with one cigarette a day. On day 1 smoke 19 cigarettes, day 2 reduce it by 1 to 18 cigarettes and continue until you are down to 1 a day. When you get to 1 a day, continue for another week with only the 1 cigarette a day, thereafter skip a day until you completely forget or lose the interest to smoke anymore.
  • Use a nicotine patch. There are many nicotine patches on the market. Select one that resonates best with your circumstances and use it regularly. Set an alarm each morning that reminds you to put the patch on your skin.
  • Use nicotine gum. This method keeps your mouth busy with the nicotine gum and soon you will forget to smoke. Be careful not to become addicted to the habit of chewing the nicotine gum too much. This should only be a temporary method until you are able to let go of smoking altogether.
  • Get support from a friend or your partner. It is essential that you have support when trying to quit smoking. You will need a cheer leader, per se, that can cheer you on the bad

Ideas For A Sport Fundraising Activity

Fundraising Health Week

This is a great way for promoting healthy choices and also teaching people about the benefits of healthy living especially if it is particularly relating to youth fundraising. This is especially good for a school as they can arrange for the teachers to create activities and fun quizzes relating to all aspects of healthy eating and healthy activity. Also the school during the scheduled breaks that the kids have for lunch time etc., can be used to sell them healthy alternative foods rather than the usual junk they like to eat. Such a sports fundraising event is especially good as it will teach children that the healthy alternatives can be just as delicious as well as nutritious in place of what they would normally eat. Certainly doing this type of sports fundraising event can earn a school or sports organization good profits.

Sport Lollipops

Why not look at this type of sports fundraising activity where you sell lollipops which are shaped either like baseballs, softballs, footballs, basketballs or soccer balls. You can if you want even get them in the color of the team that you are raising funds for. Not only are they easy to sell but you will find that you can raise thousands of dollars this way. You don’t even have to sell them on a particular day you can sell them whenever you and a great one would be when the team are playing at home and you can sell them to the crowd that are watching.

These are just a couple of different ways that you can raise funds by carrying out a sports fundraising event for your local sports team. But there are plenty more ideas around and a great way to find some others is by surfing the net, there are plenty of sites which offer other ideas for helping organizing a fundraising event.

Natural Detox Diets

The simple but most effective way to detoxify is by drinking plenty of water. Water flushes and purifies the body of any junk inside it. A good way to test for proper hydration is by taking note of the color of your urine. Clear urine means proper hydration but more yellow urine signifies that you should drink more water. A good way to ensure proper hydration is by carrying a water bottle and drinking from it whenever you are thirsty instead of opting for unhealthy drinks. Even drinks that seem natural, like apple juice, may have preservatives and artificial sugars so sticking to water during detox is the best bet. Drinking tea, specifically green tea also has many benefits for detoxification.

Next, there is the consumption of fruits, vegetables, and natural grains. These nutrients are easily processed by the body and most detox diets include high consumption of these items. Red meats, dairy, and greasy foods should be avoided during the detox period. For protein during the diet, fish, chicken and nuts can be consumed. Green vegetables, lentils, and brown rice are also great options. Above all smoking, drugs, and the consumption of alcohol should be avoided during detoxification because these things should be considered toxins.

Although the diet itself is key, exercise is also a very important part of a detox program. When exercising, the body sweats out certain toxins that it might not otherwise expel. The increased body temperature during exercise also helps purify the body. Exercising three times a week for at least half an hour every time is enough to purify the body, but more exercise is always good. The exercise itself doesn’t need to be strenuous; anything that increases heart rate and body temperature will do the job.

There are several higher-budget options for detoxification as well, such as detox drinks and “internal body cleansers” but the tips above work just as well, if not better. The idea of the diet is simply to keep additional toxins out while flushing the body of anything harmful that already exists inside it. If detox diets are done regularly, the dieter will find himself or herself with increased energy, long term health benefits, and clearer skin.

Pilates for Good Body Posture

Pilates help in correcting your posture, the core abdominal muscles and the common daily problems such as back pain. You can experience improved digestion, low blood pressure and general ease of movement with such exercises.

Pilates classes concentrate on your entire body, trying to maintain a balance inside. Pilates ensures that your entire body is exercised. With regular exercises you can enjoy a balanced muscular movement, flexibility and ranges of movement in all joints.

Seniors, pregnant mothers, dancers and athletes can benefit from Pilates classes. Pilates has become one of the most trusted core conditioning and toning, progressive alignment programs that is suitable for people of all ages. Pilates goes well with any other ongoing programs that you follow such as weight training, swimming, dance classes and aerobics to improve your overall body.

Pilates classes help you increase your body strength without the bulk. This helps you to get aesthetically appealing lean muscles and a pleasing look. There are many elite personalities all over the world, who have been following the Pilates methods for sculpted and lean body contours.

Eccentric concentration is said to be the secret behind Pilates. It helps in lengthening muscles while practicing the strength training exercises. In some cases resistance bands and balls are also used to create varieties. This is the reason Pilates remains an affordable and effective option for staying in good health.

Trainers in Pilates classes will work with you to increase range of motion of joints, to help you bend and stretch more. This reduces your chances of hurting yourself.

When you work on the pelvic floor, lower back and abdomen, you get good posture, balanced movement, a strong supple back, relaxed shoulders and neck. This helps you get a wash board abdominals, superb posture and a graceful body.

Those who are eager to lose weight, benefits immensely from the Pilates classes. You will find your circulation and breathing improving with regular Pilates. As you continue with the exercises, you will become more flexible and energetic at the same time. You will discover a leaner, healthier and fitter you in almost no time.

About Healthy Activities Decrease Depression

Depression is like a tree which has many branches and these branches are the diseases which affects extremely depressive people. Most of these people make themselves habitual of anti-depression medicines and this dependence on a self generated illness makes the person unsuccessful in every field of life and one after another he keeps on facing the failures.

There are some very common and a few very uncommon diseases which starts occurring in a human being by taking over limit panic because of the things happening in his surroundings.

Depression initially produces the acidity in a human body which causes severe headaches, body aches and anorexia nervosa especially. High blood-pressure and low blood-pressure which is the initial stage of many more diseases such as a nervous breakdown, psychosis which are caused due to serious mental illness characterized by defective or lost contact with reality. Schizophrenia which is caused due to psychotic disorder by twisted view of real world, megalomania, hysteria, paresis and many many more problems.

Sometimes people addict themselves to alcoholic things to release the pressure of depression, but it is insane to run away from problems temporarily. Doing that would be like a pigeon that shuts his eyes when he finds himself under a dangerous situation and assumes he is safe although he is only welcoming the danger by this act.

Depression is dangerous but that doesn’t mean we can’t prevent ourselves from its adverse affects. Healthy activities and a balanced routine can surely help us to avoid depression!

These activities include taking proper intake of healthy food and lots of water, morning walk, exercise, etc. Also taking out sometime from the busy routine life for some fun and relaxation with family and friends, greatly helps in this regard.

It is important to work over the root cause of depression. It is unhealthy to be habitual of negative thinking. Try to stay free from dispiritedness as it can not harm us until and unless we give it some place in our mind to work and pierce its roots deeply and make the person helpless.

Point To Empower Yourself

We have been in a “hurry-up” mode for so long that it is difficult for many people to figure out how to slow down. One great way to begin is to look at how you spend your days. Honestly look at how you spend each minute of every day. Often we have developed habits that no longer have any purpose. Look at your activities and ask yourself, does this activity benefit me anymore? Does this benefit anyone else? If you are honest with yourself, you will discover many of these things are unnecessary or could be done by someone else. Eliminating just a few of these unnecessary activities can create extra space in your day. The purpose of this is not to immediately fill those moments with more work. The purpose is to create space to take care of your health. Once you have eliminated time wasters, you can use the following actions to create a life of good health and joy.

  1. One of the keys to good health is getting enough sleep. It is possible to make this a priority. Turn off the television set. Leave the work. It can wait. Not getting enough sleep can affect our decision making, our moods, our creative thinking, and even make us weigh more. Studies have shown that lack of sleep decreases regulation of hormones that control our appetites. Think of times you have felt unusually hungry, and craved carbohydrates after a night of too little sleep. Set a reasonable bedtime and stick to it. Your reward will be fresher thinking, fresher skin, and more energy.
  2. Take the time to drink plenty of water. This action is so simple yet so important. Keep hydrated to flush out toxins, have healthier looking skin, and boost your metabolic rate. Often we mistake thirst for hunger, so drinking enough water can help you control the amount you eat.
  3. Take a good multivitamin. Along with the water and the right amount of sleep, you will be amazed at the change in your energy levels.
  4. Every hour, no matter what you are doing, take a few moments to stand up, stretch, and move around. We were not meant to sit at desks and computers or anywhere else for long periods of time. Stretch, move, breathe.
  5. Every day show gratitude. Saying thank you is a de-stressor that makes you feel good. Negative thoughts cause stress. It is hard to have negative thoughts and thoughts of gratitude in our mind simultaneously.
  6. Make time for friends. Healthy relationships help us stay healthy. This does not mean you have to accept every invitation. Give yourself time to think about your response to the invitation. Is this something you truly want to do? Will you regret giving up sleep or time with your family or spouse? Sometimes, parties are not where we truly want to be. We overindulge in food and drink, then chastise ourselves the next day for the extra calories we consumed and the fatigue we feel.

About Safe Holiday Swimming Advice

Know your limitations

Swimming in warm seas can be more draining than in more temperate waters.

If you normally spend your life in an office or other relatively sedentary occupation, then launching into Olympic-level swimming objectives could mean you quickly get into difficulties with cramp or exhaustion.

There’s no recommendation here other than “don’t do it” and to stay conservative in terms of what you’re trying to achieve in terms of distance, speed or sea conditions. In particular, remember that a pool is not the open sea, so your performance in the former might not be a perfect guide to your capabilities in the ocean.


Most experts agree that the media tends to massively exaggerate the risks from shark attacks which are, even in tropical waters, comparatively rare.

Even so, that’s no consolation to someone who has suffered such an attack. Many species of shark are predators and like it or not, we share our seas with them.

However, the risks can be reduced by following local safety advice and guidance. Seasons can make a huge difference, as do specific locations. Some beaches have effective protection and supervision in place but that won’t count for much if you ignore local safety rules or don’t even consult them to start with.

Stinging Risks

Some marine life is equipped with mechanisms for inflicting stings of one variety or another.

In some instances that’s for hunting and in others for self-defence. It doesn’t matter which for humans though because what’s important is not to get stung.

Yet again, this is a question of being sensible and taking local advice. Don’t listen to that “friend of a friend who knows someone that told them” expert. People in your holiday area or those providing your luxury holiday accommodation will know exactly what needs to be done to reduce or avoid altogether such risks.

Many beaches are protected by nets of one sort or another. In other situations, some seasons are known to have higher risks of such populations coming inshore whilst at other times of the year the risks are virtually zero. If you are planning to spend a lot of time in the water away from beaches, a wet suit (of suitable grade) is usually great protection.

The bottom line is – ask around.


In many countries, the laws governing what boats can and cannot do in swimming areas are strict and complied with by local people.

Sadly, in some countries such laws either don’t exist or are widely ignored. This can and does lead to serious or even fatal accidents for swimmers when boat operators start behaving like idiots.

Keep away from sea areas designated as being for leisure boat operations – there are usually indications on beaches and buoys at sea marking channels etc. In addition, keep your eyes open. If you see a boat owner flagrantly ignoring the rules and endangering bathers as a result, memorize their boat’s name or number and report them to the authorities.

Heart Healthy Weekend Adventures

The Historical Combat Re-Enactments

The most extreme form of heart-healthy weekend excursion is only for the truly dedicated and hard core athletes. These include the mock combat games held by the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) and various Civil War re-enactment events, which are typically held on weekends, although some SCA battles such as the Pennsic Wars can last for two weeks. These mock battles are not for casual participants as they require a great deal of training, preparation and discipline, however there are few things that are more wicked awesome when it comes to entertainment, not to mention the potential for weight loss and muscle toning.

Skiing and Snowboarding

A weekend trip to the snow awaits heart-conscious vacationers during the winter season. Snow sports activities can be tailored to match any level of fitness, from the bunny slopes for beginners to the steep and sometimes narrow expert slopes for the advanced sports enthusiasts. Skiing strengthens the heart muscles, making it an ideal heart healthy excursion.

Water Sports

Canoeing and white water rafting are two highly intense weekend adventures that can have major heart health benefits. While these types of weekend adventures are truly awesome, they require a lot of training and preparation, which is itself a heart-healthy activity. Still, there are a variety of clubs and companies that cater to weekend adventurers, and that can help people get the most fun and health benefits out of these activities.


A heart healthy weekend adventure can be started simply by finding a trail and taking a weekend hike during warm weather months. Most cities are within driving or biking distance of at least one good hiking trail. This kind of weekend getaway is one of the cheapest and easiest activities to plan in advance, and because it is a form of aerobic exercise, it offers great benefits in the form of muscle toning and improved cardiovascular health.

Stay Active With Kids

Fun Runs for Charity

What’s better than spending the day being active and helping a great cause? Get the entire family moving and sign up for a charity run. The preparation is half the fun and the end goal is a great way to keep everyone motivated. Many charity events offer online training plans or go online to find a simple 5K or 1-mile training plan for kids.

Family Park Day

Parks are about much more than picnics. You can hike, canoe, fish, play volleyball, toss the Frisbee, walk the dogs or even go to the local pool for a swim. The important thing is to get outside and get moving. Find special places to be active and your family will want to go all the time.

Use Any Excuse to be Active

Take the time every day to do little things to be active. Take the stairs, walk the dog or even park the car a little farther away from the grocery store. It’s easy to get into a rut but the path to good health is to get your family moving every day.

Limit the TV Time

Television (and other “screens”) are a huge time sucks that encourage inactivity. Make a family goal to limit TV time to under an hour a day on weekdays, and two-three on weekends. You’ll be amazed how much time you can spend together doing something when you aren’t all starring at a screen.

Fun Healthy Activities For Children

Craft projects help children develop their motor skills, creative nature and problem solving abilities. Making colored paper daisy chains and clay objects are a couple of examples of good activities for younger children. Older kids enjoy weaving and beading kits.

Science can be an excellent and favorite activity for children. Kids are very curious about nature. They love to dig around in the dirt and get to know the bugs, birds and plants. Get an ant farm. Go to the hobby shop and buy an inexpensive microscope and a prism. Kids love checking things out with a microscope – it’s a whole new look at the world they want to understand. Prisms are fascinating to kids.

Although it’s true most kids spend too much time in front of the TV, judicious use of the tube can work for you. The Discovery Channel and Animal Planet provide programs that enrich a child’s knowledge in terms even young children can understand. Kids who see these programs when quite young often continue to catch these programs on their own, well into their teens. So don’t discount TV altogether. This strategy allows the kids to feel they aren’t deprived of television time, while being a terrific activity for children of any age.

Video games are a subject of some controversy among parents, educators and psychologists. Some say it should be allowed only on a limited basis, so kids don’t become totally screen oriented. However, there have been a number of studies which show that video games prove to boost motor skills and complex problem solving abilities remarkably when compared with kids who don’t play. If you screen out the violent and aggressive games, video games are excellent activities for children. To prevent the addictive potential of video games, just set aside approved time periods for this play.

Any activities for children that involve putting things together are recommended. This includes paper projects, L e g o s (TM), T i n k e r toys (TM) and Lincoln Logs(TM). Clay, paper m a c h e and beading or weaving projects fit in here too.

When you think about it, the best kinds of activities for children, that also promote healthy development, are ones the kids love best. You just need to give a little direction.