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Learning A New Sport or Activity

One of the best ways to keep your exercise commitment running full steam ahead is to diversify your activities. When you have 3-4 different exercises, activities, or sports, not only will your mind enjoy the change in the routine but your body, more particularly your muscles, will be getting a different workout. That’s why it can be a thrill learning a new sport or activity.

Sure running around the neighborhood is a healthy activity, but what about the muscles on your arms, chest, or back? They want some attention too. Think of it this way too, do you just want to have strong legs but stuck with flabby arms or an under developed back and shoulders?

Just one additional reason why it’s helpful to have a variety of workouts and sports at your disposal. Different activities workout different muscle groups. For instance, running for the most part works out your legs in one direction (forward) but playing an organized basketball game you also run but in a variety of directions – forward, backwards, side to side. Along with that you do a lot of squatting and jumping, so properly playing basketball gives your legs a more complete workout.

However herein lies the issue. The majority of us do not like change. Let’s face it, change can be uncomfortable. This is especially true if we are going to change by learning a new sport.

Getting over the hurdle of being a beginner or novice can be the frustrating part. However, once the learning curve is over, you will be completely proficient in a new activity and now have another delightful exercise you can partake in regularly.

If you are really interested in learning a new sport or activity, first and foremost you should look into getting proper instruction from a qualified teacher. It’s important to learn correct form and technique from someone who is a professional, or at least someone who is experienced enough to provide proper guidance and direction.

Put the Internet to work for you. Websites such as Groupon, LivingSocial, Meetup, and even Craigslist have quite a number of outdoor activities, classes, and sports at decent prices. You can always bring a friend with you the first time to make you feel more at ease with the whole new experience.

Just keep in mind the sport or activity you choose to learn, how will you be able to continue once the instruction is over? Is it a team activity such as basketball or soccer? With these sports, once you learn how to play you likely will need to join a league where you will have regular games on a certain schedule.

This as opposed to something independent such as surfing, golf, or rollerblading. These sports/activities can be done by yourself not needing any additional people to complete. Be sure to take this into account when planning out which sport or activity you want to learn for it may make all the difference in the world.

Healthy Activities to Overcome Flu

Socializing Healthy friendship is an emotion relief. According to a research, people who rarely interact with other people when at home, office, or school are more vulnerable to get flu than people who have many interactions to others. You should socialize yourself, for example, ask your friends to go enjoy entertainments together.

Enough sleep You need enough sleep to keep you out of flu. Even though you have the best supplements but you have lack of sleep, you will still vulnerable to get flu. I’m sure after you have lack of sleep, you will feel weak and listless. What you feel are the signs that your immune system decreased, and at this condition you are vulnerable to get flu. Commonly, adults need 7-9 hours to sleep at night. If you have enough sleep and you still feel weak and listless after the sleep, you should ask the doctor about your sleeping disorder (insomnia).

Always use your own tools Flu germs easily spread when there is a contact through your skin or air. That’s why you must be careful when using tools used by many people, such as a pen provided at banks or at the immigration office. You should maintain the cleanliness of your hands to prevent flu, the simplest way is washing your hands.

Sharing to your couple Sometimes, problems make you feel stressed. If you have a problem, share it to your couple. Or even if you have a misunderstanding with you couple, let your couple know it. By sharing or being open to your couple, you will have a common perception to get out of any problem. This, indirectly, help you to overcome the flu.

Sports According to a research, people who do regular sports have better immune system than people who have no regular sports. Actually, walking 2 times (at least 30 minutes every time) a week is powerful enough to overcome the flu.

Laughs Positive emotions will help you increase your immune system. Laugh is very associated with the positive emotions. You should laugh more often to reduce your stress, this could be done, for example, by reading humor stories, watching comedy movies. Finally, you will overcome the flu.

Family Fitness

When deciding on fitness activities allow your mind to consider all kinds of activities. Don’t just line up every day for calisthenics or something dull like that. Change things up, make it interesting. In doing this, your family will respond positively to the exercise program.

Here are some family fitness ideas to try out:

  1. Bike-riding. Don’t let your bicycles just take up space in the garage. If you have them, get them out, clean them up and schedule a family bike ride a couple of times a week. Tryout different times for the ride until you find a schedule that works for everyone.
  2. Swimming, most children love to swim and to play in the pool. Teach all of your kids to swim and get them out to the pool a couple of times a week. Have races and other pool activities to keep it interesting. Swimming is one of the best exercises because it incorporates the whole body. It also allows your family to just hang out together.
  3. Walk-Run, a family walk is a nice leisure activity but to charge it up a bit you might mix in running. Children love to run and if you start them young you might find that it is a healthy activity that will carry over to their adult life. They might even want to race you.
  4. Mini-biathlon, if you are doing the swimming, running, and biking then why not mix them together into a family competition? You can work out a training schedule for each family member and create something that everyone will enjoy and want to compete in. Involve everyone in this activity and make it a special time.
  5. Calisthenics or Yoga, these are nice indoor activities for rainy days. If done correctly these can be fun activities and you can challenge each other to higher performance.
  6. Dance, Zumba, Tae-bo and other group fitness systems. These are fun workouts that can be extremely effective. Normally these programs are available on DVD so are designed with a built in leader. There will be no question of the activity to pursue as the program is right there on disk.

Healthy With Running


Sudden change in activities will never be healthy for you. It can cause much injuries in your part. Try to make sure that you start the activity slow and sure. Do not force yourself to run for a long time if it is your first time. Try to walk first and warn up to prepare your body for the heavy activity. This will help you achieve a healthy body without injuring yourself.

Most exercise experts will recommend that you run for one minute for every five minutes of walking. This is a slow start but will be a healthy pace for you. Keep this pace for a few days. You can then increase your pace after a period of time.


It is very important that you have a pair of shoes to wear during this activity. Your shoes will protect your feet from harmful injuries that you might encounter. If you have an old shoes, try to use them if you do not want to buy new ones.


There are a lot of marathon or fun run that sometimes happen in your place. It is one good venue that you can improve your performance. Try to sign up in one event that you like. This activity will surely help you to improve your running habits.

Running is indeed a healthy activity that will keep you healthy all the time. Make sure that you do your best to make your body healthy and fit. Make this as a regular activity. There are equipment that can help you at home. You can use them also. Try to run the best way that you can for you to have a healthy body.

Obesity in Children

To make matters worse, children are bombarded with well-crafted TV ads from fast-food chains and other purveyors of high-fat, high-sugar meals and snacks. A recent study reported that children ages two to six that watch television are more likely to choose food products advertised on TV than children who do not watch such commercials. These highly effective advertising campaigns, combined with a physically inactive life-style, have produced a generation of kids who are at high risk for obesity-associated medical conditions.

The major health threat is early development of Type II diabetes (adult onset), particularly in children with a family history of the disease. Doctors are reporting a surge in young adolescents developing Type II diabetes – which can lead to heart and kidney disease, high blood pressure, stroke, limb amputations, and blindness. People who develop diabetes in adolescence face a diminished quality of life and shortened life span, particularly if the disease progresses untreated. It’s a scary prospect for our children but, in many cases, obesity and diabetes are preventable.
Parents should be involved in their kids daily physical activities. In today’s educational system, most schools offer PE (Physical Education) classes that allow kids to participate in physical activities and help them be more active. They also allow them to interact with their classmates on another level. However, these PE classes are not enough to help with their daily activity allowance. Many of these classes have been cut or reduced in recent years because of a lack of funding.

Physical education should be a top priority; after-school extra-curricular activities and sports are also vital. Children must develop a lifestyle that includes regular exercise, as well as a healthy diet. Parents need to set limits on the time their children are engaged in passive activities. Pediatricians recommend restricting children to one to two hours per day on TV and computers combined, unless, of course, they are Internet hackers – but there are always exceptions to the rule.

Fortunately, some schools now provide meals that are lower in fat and include healthy helpings of fruits and vegetables. Parental involvement remains the most important key to our children’s healthy diets. Programs to educate parents about nutrition are essential. Fast food should be banned from all schools. Period!


  1. Outdoor Excercise: Hiking lets you get the much-needed exercise to keep your heart in good shape. Not only it helps you to control weight, but keeps you fit and energetic. The knee joints get the much-needed movement to keep it smooth and flexible.
  2. Experience Natures Beauty: Imagine the smell of fresh air, the caressing breeze, the swaying trees and flowers with their magical fragrance. The warm sunshine, the chirpy birds and the crunchy sound of dry leaves under your feet. There is a joy in having your senses getting awakened to the wondrous world around you.
  3. Freedom: Your body and mind relieve you of all anxiety and worry. You forget your office and business worries for those beautiful moments. It creates a feeling of spirituality and makes you liberated. Further, it helps you de-stress and rejuvenate.
  4. Friendship and bonding: Going with friends or family members create a feeling of oneness. There is unity, love, and friendship that binds each one strongly. The destination and reasons are common as you trek along panting and laughing. A drink or a meal together on your journey can make your excursion a much more pleasurable experience.

Quit Smoking & Lead a Healthy

“Quit smoking, quit smoking and quit smoking” is all I would say to you. For this is the only way you can lead a better and healthy life. Indeed, by quitting cigarette smoking, you would also lower any risks of obtaining heart attack, lung cancer or other chronic diseases.

As smoking is considered a cause of various chronic diseases, quitting smoking is also a direct treatment of all your ill health obtained via smoking. In fact, I would say if patients of lung cancer would learn how to stop smoking, they would directly begin a direct lung cancer treatment for them.

Well, smoking is a battle and you can win this demon with your strong will power and courage only. In fact, you need to know your shortcomings and weaknesses that draw you close to nicotine addiction. You must consult an expert medical practitioner and seek their guidance and learn how to quit smoking. A few people would suggest you to follow stop smoking hypnosis or a smoking cessation program without prescription. But I would strongly recommend you to follow your doctor’s instructions.

You can also take a combination of treatments such as behavioral and pharma therapies. In fact, herbal ways to help stop smoking are also quite popular these days. You can search for the apt quit-smoking techniques on the internet as well, such as Nicoderm CQ, Commit Lozenges and Nicorette Gum.

Nicotine replacement therapy is yet another successful way of breaking the trap of cigarette nicotine intake. The therapy of nicotine replacement reduces the nicotine withdrawal and makes the process of quitting smoking comfortable for the person. Nicotine replacements are available as herbal nicotine patches, habitrols, nasal sprays and nicotine gums. A few people have also reported that commit lozenges have greatly helped them relieve the cigarette addiction.

Eat Healthy During A Recession

No doubt during a downturn, most people end up expanding their pounds. Growing money constraints may inhibit them from gym membership or dance lessons. In addition to lesser time, people would take the easier path – fast foods. Fast foods are much cheaper and more convenient compared to restaurants. Occasional visits may not trigger obesity but the number of trips may increase upon continuous time and money problems. Furthermore, the negative impact of fast food consumption is a long term basis.

It could be really convenient to feed your kids with fast food but always remember that childhood obesity may be the platform to higher risk of health problems such as high cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure. Being oversized may also lead them to receiving taunts and teases so it is possible they might establish some emotional ramifications.

Certainly, nobody is free from recession. The growth in obesity rate is no longer an uncommon seen in times of recession. But you can definitely prevent such problems by leading a healthy lifestyle. Fast foods may save you some pennies compared to restaurants but take a broader view, fruits and vegetables are way cheaper than fast foods. Do not always take the easy path but contemplate about the future.

Losing Weight Without Effort

We make the decision what we feed our body and we make the decision about what we feed our brain. If we can program our brain to eat responsibly, eat healthy foods, drink lots of water and increase our activity level, we will become healthy and active individuals. We will loose weight without making a conscious effort.

No more yo-yo diets, no expensive pill popping, no more paying a fortune for purchased meal plans, just plain common sense healthy eating. Reprogram your brain, and do it without effort, without thinking, subconsciously. Be in total control of what messages you want your brain to receive. Override the mixed messages you receive from the outside world.

I’ll tell you how I did it and how it is changing my life.
I work on the computer 5 hours per day. I have a computer program that sends me a short message on the screen every 5 seconds, just a flash, I don’t even notice it. But my brain does. About 3500 times each day my brain gets told that I am a healthy person, that I love walking, that I love healthy foods, that I look after my body.

Within two days I noticed improvements, within a week I had increased my activity level to three times my normal level. My cravings for “something” to eat in between meals have completely disappeared. When someone asks me if I want some chips or chocolates, I say no without even thinking.

I have become a different person, instead of an overweight person with almost no activity; I am now a much healthier person. For 50 years I have been struggling with weight issues, now I am no longer struggling. My mind has changed and gives me different messages. My mind thinks of me as a healthy, active person and it is telling my body to act like a healthy active person.

5 Reasons You Need a Healthy, Active Lifestyle Now

Scientific studies have confirmed – it really is downhill from 30! Many of the changes within our bodies, although gradual, lead in time to weight gain, muscle loss and ill health. Here are 5 reasons you need a healthy active lifestyle, starting right now.

  1. The proportion of body fat to total body weight doubles between the ages of 25 and 75. The body does not lose fat with age, it redistributes it from just beneath the skin to deeper parts, like the muscles and organs.*
  2. After the age of 25, muscle bulk and strength start to decrease.** Less lean muscle means a slower metabolism, as muscle requires more energy to maintain than fat does.
  3. After the age of 30, energy needs drop by 5% per decade.** Unless you decrease your calorie intake, or increase your physical activity to compensate, the result is weight gain.
  4. Peak lung function is reached at between 20 and 30 years.** By age 40 to 50, you’ll only have 80% of your total maximum breathing capacity. This, of course, is made worse by pollution and smoking.
  5. Once you reach 30, bone marrow starts to disappear from the bones in your arms and legs.*** A reduction in calcium leads to further decreases in bone mass. Diet and exercise play an important role in combating this.

You cannot decide whether these changes take place – it’s biology. You can influence the speed at which it happens, and prevent some of the ailments that result from them. There are lifestyle changes from the mid-’20s onwards that affect our eating habits and physical activity as well. Getting married, starting a family, full-time employment and just getting older change the way you live. You are probably less active than you were at school or college. You are less likely to participate in organized sports. You don’t go dancing until dawn quite so often anymore. Your eating habits have probably gotten worse too. Skipping breakfast because you’re late for work, grabbing junk food for lunch, and possibly eating out more often all contribute to unhealthy living. Children change your life completely, and they tend to add to your poor eating habits. Joining them for ice cream, sharing a packet of crisps and finishing their food for them adds up to extra calories for you.

It sounds like it really is all downhill, doesn’t it? It doesn’t have to be though. With a little effort, you can switch to a healthy lifestyle. It’s all about eating habits and regular exercise. Based on science, you have to eat less as you get older, and maintain regular physical activity just to combat biology! That’s without taking any other factors into consideration, like the effects of pollution, stress, smoking, alcohol and so on. If you’re at a stage where you’ve already gained a few more pounds than you’re comfortable with, you might find it helpful to start with a weight loss program. Once you’ve lost the extra pounds, healthy eating habits and regular exercise will have you living a healthy, active lifestyle for a long time.

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