About Yummy Spa Water

Some spas will have their own special recipe for fancy water. One of the simplest is adding lemon to water and letting the juices blend. There are antioxidant benefits, and the drink is refreshing without being completely sour. Believe it or not, cucumber water also fits the bill of being refreshing as well, who knew simple could be so effective?

Other spas will take it one step further and add berries and mint leaves to water, giving a fruity effect, or make seasonal waters like apples and cinnamon for fall which tastes faintly like apple cider at an apple orchard, all while being cleansing and good for you.

We all know that the experts say we need eight glasses of water a day. With our bodies being made up mostly of water, this isn’t something that is just a fad, as water actually helps our body function better. The more water you consume the better your kidneys will function, your skin will appear healthier, and you will be ridding yourself of pesky fat cells every time you head to the bathroom. Being more hydrated helps your muscles work more efficiently and gives you more energy, but I know, water isn’t exactly a fun thing to drink. It has no taste and it’s, well, boring, but by adding just a few things to the mix, you get something just a little bit more fun to get you on track of getting in those eight glasses.

Just about any fruit and most vegetables work well when mixed with water. Ginger ground up and added with oranges is an interesting mix as is oranges and lemons together, a little bit of sweet,a little bit of sour but all delicious.